My name is John Osborne. My company promotes movie making in the Village of Mendocino, and throughout Mendocino County. I assist film companies that want to shoot anywhere in Mendocino County. As a Project Manager, Location Scout, Production Assistant or Driver, I can assist with casting and all aspects of a film production. I am local. I work with the local talent, and I know some great locations.

Currently I am scouting locations in the wine country for a film I’m helping to produce. Wine Spies, a 007 spoof with the very real topic of sustainability and biodynamic vineyards.

buildings on main st mendo

Main St. in Mendocino

Mendocino – Home to many Movies!!
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The small town of Mendocino (founded in 1850), on the Northern California coast, provides wonderful settings for many types of movies. Its quaint Victorian buildings, panoramic coastline, and often empty streets offer ideal locations for shooting! The fishing harbor of Ft. Bragg, California and the picturesque wineries along the beautiful Anderson Valley are nearby! So are lighthouses, breweries, and sandy beaches!

My services include finding locations, production management, casting and extras, obtaining permits, handling of dailies, craft services, hospitality, and transportation. I have many local connections and would enjoy working on your film in any capacity.


Mendocino Film Company
PO Box 125
Mendocino, CA 95460